Are You Ultraworking?

Building a home for the ambitious and analytical

June 2016

Do you remember the most recent "golden age" of your life?

Those blessed times where everything just flowed, and you made huge strides, both personally and professionally? Maybe you're even in one now.

I've noticed that all of my best moments have had one thing in common — the company of a close cadre of engaged, mastery-seeking peers. We pushed one another to become better, shared challenges and insights, and held each other accountable. Out of these groups came deep friendships, massive opportunities, and reels of treasured memories.

Yet despite all the advantages, such camaraderie seems to be the exception rather than the norm.

Why is that?

Most often, I find it's because we leave such things entirely to chance.

It's unfashionable to reach out and say, "Hey, let's all get together and help each other thrive." It can feel luxurious to focus on fluffy, social matters when there's important work to do. And when you and your friends are running companies, training for competitions, raising families, and finishing advanced degrees (sometimes all at once), even those who recognize the importance can't always find the time.

I've seen this pattern again and again — in my own life and among my most ambitious and analytical of friends. Yet when conditions are ripe and the right people come together, something indisputably magical happens.

This is why Sebastian and I have founded Ultraworking.

Ultraworking, put mildly, is a sanctuary for unrepentant workaholics and overachievers.

It's for those blessed and cursed with the inability to turn off their ambition, who often find themselves sacrificing mainstream comforts in pursuit of audacious goals. Elite athletes, professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers, leaders, researchers, artists — our people seek work-life integration instead of work-life balance. Most importantly, we're for those who prioritize empiricism over theory, action over feelings, and results over idealism.

At its core, our business is in training personal and professional effectiveness. We provide:

  • Tools and technology. We're developing a suite of apps to focus your attention, guide your actions, and track your progress over time.

  • Structured workshops. We teach you how to get ahead of schedule, cultivate mental toughness, improve project planning, etc.

  • The Adherence League. We organize online and in-person events, as well as a private forum where other high-performers keep you on target.

We're rigorously selective about who we train. Even the most driven, accomplished individual in the wrong phase of their life will be unlikely to get much out of our methodology.

So Ultraworking is not for everyone. However...

If you can demonstrate a track record of achievement, have specific goals that we can help with, and are willing to give back to the Ultraworking community... then please don't hesitate to reach out. You might have just found new home.